Glad News for Muslims

We know God calls us to share the Good News of the Gospel with everyone … but many of us really have no idea how to do that with those from a faith that is foreign to our experience. Samy Tanagho spends 1:00 each day enthusiastically giving Christians the tools in order to speak Jesus into the lives of Muslims.

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“There’s nothing so winsome as a passionate heart—and that is Samy Tanagho to a “T”!  We’re grateful to introduce our friend to station leaders and audiences—we are confident others will be persuaded as well to consider this important message … and be bold in sharing Jesus with Muslim co-workers, neighbors, fellow students just as Scripture encourages us to do!”    – Peggy Campbell/Ambassador

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Glad News for Muslims is dedicated to inviting the Muslim people to both understand who Jesus really is and follow Him. Guided by John 10:16, the ministry seeks to motivate the body of Christ, communicate the Gospel, and encourage others to do the same. Learn more at


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Leah Guerrero

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