J.C. ColonProducer

In his 25 years at Ambassador, there’s very little that “JC” hasn’t had a part in either producing, managing, or at times, even dealing with shipping logistics.

Ambassador can be a “beehive” of activity at times in getting information and material out the door on behalf of a new project, and the one you’ll see managing and leading that endeavor is most often John Colón.

. . .or producing programs, and prepping information to the website, or interfacing with the workings of the U.S. Postal Service, FedEX and UPS.

And on fun occasions. . .our top chef and grill master!

“JC” and his wife, Denise are parents to a teenage son, Mitchell and college junior, Emily—kids we’ve seen grow up as part of our Ambassador family. And on weekends, more often than not, you’ll find them at a soccer event and “JC” heading to the beach or to the movies.

The Colón family are an active part of Saddleback Church in Anaheim.

And the “fun facts” about “JC” include. . .

I’m at my best. . . as a dad when we’re all together as a family enjoying life and each other.

It surprises me. . . how attached to technology we all are. We need to unplug.

I look forward to being. . . with my family, watching Emily play soccer in college and watching Mitchell play high school football—all the while beside my best friend and wife, Denise.