By: Leah Handley October 3, 2018

The other day I found myself in the 10 Items or Less Line at the grocery store.  And as I was counting my items (to make sure I wasn’t “that person”), I overheard the conversation between the customer in front of me and the cashier.  The customer had forgotten to withdraw an extra $5 when paying for her purchase, and the cashier told her that if she got back in line that he would charge her a penny (instead of her having to buy something) so she could “pull out” the money.

Having been in her same situation, I considered how unfortunate (and lame) it is to have to charge a penny on my debit or credit card … even if it is only one cent.  I suddenly felt God press on my heart to pull out the $5 for the woman.  As the young cashier started ringing up my items, I actually argued with God in my head …

“It’s only a penny …”

“She’s already in line anyways …”

“I’m not being greedy, she just doesn’t need me …”

“She’s not homeless … she just forgot …”

“It’s just an inconvenience.  It happens to everyone …”

In the end, I was amazed at what this $5 meant to this woman.  She appeared to be professionally dressed, but she said she hadn’t eaten all day and only had $9 in her account.  All I could keep saying was “God bless you,” because in my heart I felt terrible that I didn’t do it out of my will but His will.   As we walked to the parking lot together, she told me her name was Agar like Hagar in the Bible.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been more thankful for Samy Tanagho’s 1:00 program, Glad News for Muslims.  I actually felt comfortable with the story because of all of the teaching this program has provided me.  We talked about how Hagar was sent away by Sara but that God still provided to Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness.

As we talked I could sense anxiety building up in her.  She started to shake a little and tears welled up in her eyes.  She expressed how she was on her last straw with God until I gave her that $5.  And at that moment I decided to share the Gospel with her.

To think … It only took a moment.  It only took obedience.  It only took $5 and zero cents.

Dear friends, I pray that Samy’s broadcast, Glad News for Muslims would bless your evangelistic walk in a way you’ve never experience like it has for me.  God is always doing a new thing, but it takes our obedience and faith in Him to see it.


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