By: Evelyn Gibson September 27, 2016

Several weeks ago the Archbishop of Philadelphia gave a speech at Notre Dame wherein he described one of the presidential candidates in the view of a lot of people, as “uniquely rich in stale ideas and bad priorities.” I can’t think of a better description for last evening’s presentation by both potential leaders of the free world. I am so tempted to mark on the ballot … “none of the above.”

However, on July 1, I took a “vow” of sorts. I became a candidate for commissioning as a Fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. And as a candidate, I’m immersed in understanding and espousing the Christian world view. Not a political world view, but a Christian, biblical worldview that covers all areas of life and thought.

Chuck Colson, founder of the Colson Center, has said, “Christianity offers a way to live in line with the real world. But if Christians are going to carry this life-giving message to the world, we must understand that God’s revelation is the source of all truth, a comprehensive framework for all of reality.”

Last evening I heard one of the candidates begin more than a half-dozen sentences with the words, “I believe … ” The question is not whether or not one believes. It’s a question of what one believes. Whom one believes. We all believe in something and our actions will be determined by what we believe. Is it the economy, world peace, better policing, gun control, cooperation with nations, improving race relations?

I recently attended the first residency of this year’s Fellows class—a time of extensive equipping in what it means to be human in the image of God; a time of sharing with others in the program, and rich times of worship and praise. And not one mention was made of the political arena. But everything presented, talked about and shared underscored that God is in charge; that this world belongs to Him.

Genesis 1:26-28 gives us our “cultural commission” so to speak.

God says, “fill the earth.” John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center, said of this pivotal passage in Genesis: “God loves His world full of life—’teeming’ with life, making the earth like the Garden. Ruling the world in God’s place. He rests because He wants man to take up the task of filling and forming the earth.” I like what Anne Graham Lotz, President of AnGel Ministries, wrote in a recent Decision Magazine article titled: “Time to Stand Against Evil”

She said:

We can humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and pray. Yes we can!

We can fast. Yes, we can!

We can turn from our wicked ways. Yes, we can!

We can return to the Lord our God. Yes we can!

We can plead for God’s mercy to hear our prayer, and heal our land.

Yes we can!

And we should do all of the above!

Evelyn Gibson
2016-2017 Candidate as a Fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, serving gladly the ministries and organizations represented by Ambassador, of which both the Colson Center and Anne Graham Lotz are a part


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