By: Michelle Blood April 3, 2017

This November, “FamilyLife Today” marks 25 years of broadcasting.  In anticipation of that celebration, Dennis Rainey made this announcement on-air in February:

“We’re about to share with you a few clips from broadcasts in the past that are part of the legacy of FamilyLife Today.  Thanks for listening.  We do it for God’s glory and your encouragement.”

The ministry’s plan is to share each month, leading up to November, a few excerpts from classic broadcasts making up the series titled, 25 Years of Radio.  So far, your listeners have heard these subjects covered—“biblical intimacy” (2/8-9) and “conflict and forgiveness” (3/13-14).

Coming up in April, FamilyLife will feature the most popular subject parents wanted addressed on the daily broadcast.  It came as a result of a listener survey the ministry did many years ago and to their surprise and delight, “spiritual development” was the number one priority for parents raising children. With that in mind, be sure to encourage the parents (and grandparents) in your audience to not miss this classic broadcast airing 4/17-18.  (By the way, listeners can always hear missed broadcasts at

Then in May and June, several older broadcast clips will be featured covering the role of mom and dad in the family.  Stay updated on all that’s ahead on “FamilyLife Today” by regularly visiting the Program Tool Kits page at our website.

Bob Lepine recently said of his role as co-host…

It’s been a humbling privilege for us each day to offer practical, biblical help and hope for marriages and families.”  

And it’s been Ambassador’s privilege to partner with the ministry since its launch of “FamilyLife Today” in 1992.  And, we’re equally delighted to be serving you, the radio station, by bringing help and hope to your audience each day through FamilyLife.  If there’s ever more we can do to serve you, please let us know.


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