By: Haley Jessup December 14, 2016

Over the last year and a half, I’ve had the privilege of serving Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church (TSC).

It has been a delight to not only support him in calling the nation to serious prayer through his daily 1:00 feature, “It’s Time to Pray”, but to be personally blessed by his passion and faithfulness as well.

Whether it’s his daily PSA or one of his several half hour specials, Pastor Conlon has the rare ability to both encourage and convict his listeners.  The perfect mix of both gracious and bold, I value the fact that all of his messages are rooted in the importance of falling to our knees in absolute surrender before the King.

While Pastor Conlon has created half-hour programs for a variety of events and holidays, his two most recent were recorded for this Christmas and New Year’s: “Where Christmas Never Ends” (28:00) and “What Can the Righteous Do?” (25:00). We hope that you’ve already signed up to air these, but if you haven’t yet — contact me!

With the positive response we’ve received to his daily feature and seasonal messages, we’re convinced that a new weekly half-hour program is the best next step for his outreach.

We’re so pleased to share that his new weekly series, “A Call to the Nation” will launch on February 5th!

As the pastor of TSC, which lies in the heart of New York City, Pastor Conlon has ministered to a congregation that is as diverse as any in the nation. We’re absolutely thrilled that his heart for people and for God can now extend into this weekly ministry!

For more information and/or to sign up for placement, drop me a note! Wishing you peace and joy as Christmas day draws near.


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