For my daughter’s bridal shower gift, I gave her a pair of pearl earrings to wear on her wedding day.  I looked at several jewelry stores before deciding on this particular pair.  I knew the moment I saw them that they were the “ones” — small, but not tiny, signature pieces but not overbearing.  I’d like them to be an heirloom piece she might one day pass down to her daughter on her wedding day.

The thing is though, as beautiful and meaningful as the earrings are and no matter how much she appreciated the gesture, like most tangible gifts, they can either be lost, misplaced or, can even lose their “value” with the passing years.

In the Mother’s Day radio special from Anne Graham Lotz, Prayer that Moves Heaven . . . from Daniel’s Prayer, Anne and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth Wright share about gifts which don’t lose their value  . . . things to hand down which are truly priceless:

– The importance of prayer which Rachel-Ruth saw her grandmother, Ruth Bell Graham live out daily.

–  A personal relationship with God – that’s what Anne Graham Lotz notes carried her and the family when her husband moved to heaven just a few months ago.  Anne reflects on the desperate prayers of Daniel as a source of encouragement, “The Daniel Prayer is not just an outpouring of heartfelt emotion and passionate pleading. It is an outpouring of heartfelt emotion and passionate pleading based on God’s Word as we hold Him to His promises.”

–  Anne’s encouragement to take God’s Word in our prayer time – to “claim the scriptures.”

Anne’s prayer for the Mother’s Day special is that those listening would receive this challenge – to be a woman of Godly influence who impacts this generation – to be a “Daniel” so people see Christ in our lives!

After the years have passed and the wedding earrings have lost some of their luster, if my daughter’s relationship with Christ serves as an encouragement to others, I’ll give thanks that the greatest gift a parent can give a child, that of a spiritual foundation, is the true heirloom piece she’ll pass down to her family.

Lee Ann Jackson

Ambassador Advertising.  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.