By: Haley Jessup May 9, 2017

“A lot of people never fully realize the potential that God has for them in His kingdom because they always settle for the minimum. The least amount of Bible study, the least amount of church attendance, the least amount of prayer, and—of course—what makes you think you’re going to be incredibly diligent in the work of God if you’re not diligent in the basic things?” –Pastor Carter Conlon

Why is it that despite our best intentions, despite our commitment, despite the desire to lean fully into growing in Christ … we often still do the “minimum” in terms of spiritual discipline?  We make it just across the finish line … and then wonder why we feel dissatisfied and empty.

The writer of Hebrews reminds us not to be “sluggish” … avoid being spiritually dull and indifferent (Hebrews 6:12)—so that we can imitate those whose faith and patience affords the inheritance promised.

The truth is … our individual impact—and the future of this nation–will always be connected to the prayers of God’s people.  This call to diligence and faithfulness is a hallmark of Pastor Conlon’s messages—thank you for encouraging your listeners to engage heartily in the work of God each week!

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