By: Michelle Blood January 7, 2019

In a recent email to constituents, FamilyLife’s President, David Robbins, shared this:

At FamilyLife headquarters, there is a tiny bottle of ashes that we hold as one of our greatest treasures. Let me tell you why.

David and Valorie Hall had given up on their marriage and each other. They had even signed their divorce papers. All that remained was for the papers to be filed.

But by the grace of God, their pastor and his wife were able to convince the Halls to make one more last-ditch effort: a FamilyLife marriage event.

While there, they were able to receive biblical counsel and instruction from FamilyLife staff and speakers. They were able to acknowledge and repent of their sin, offer and receive forgiveness, and allow their hearts to find love for each other once more.

“In short, God has saved our marriage,” the Halls told us. “He used FamilyLife to do it, and we are eternally grateful.”

Upon returning home, the Halls burned the divorce papers that they had signed, put the ashes in a bottle, and sent them to us as a testament to the work God had done. Those ashes are worth more than gold and diamonds, both to the Halls and to us, because of what they represent.  

The work that God is doing through FamilyLife, and can do through you, is so significant—it’s momentous and powerful. It’s changing lives forever.

What an incredible word picture … and such a timely challenge!

That’s why we’re inviting you to help FamilyLife give more couples an opportunity to experience this same kind of transformation.  Now, through Monday, January 28, FamilyLife is offering couple’s to register for any Weekend to Remember at HALF PRICE!  This only happens twice a year … so if you’d like to help build stronger marriages in your community, check out the resources we have available in our HALF PRICE tool kit here.  Of course, if there’s something more you need (different size banners), email me and I’ll be happy to assist.

Coinciding with this special offer, “FamilyLife Today” presents several broadcasts starting January 14.  Take a look:

  • Jim Burns, executive director of the Homeward Center at Azusa Pacific University, talks with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine about The First Few Years of Marriage and why they are so critical (airs 1/14-16).
  •  Tim Muehlhoff, author and professor of communication at Biola University (as well as speaker at Weekend to Rememeber), exposes the real enemy of your marriage—Satan—and provides helpful insight and tools for Defending Your Marriage (airs 1/17-18).
  • Christian recording artist, Plumb (Tiffany Lee), and her husband Jeremy, talk about their marriage. Need You Now is a powerful story from the heartache that tore their marriage apart to forgiveness and redemption that brought them back together (airs 1/22-24).

Be sure to check out the Program Tool Kit for January, available now, for details and other programming scheduled this month.

As always we’re grateful for you and your team.  Looking forward to exciting days ahead in 2019 as together we continue to bring help and hope to your listeners.


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