By: February 8, 2019

Imagine striking a conversation with a stranger as you pick out flowers for your significant other.  In your excitement to purchase this gift, you tell them about the special someone in your life.  When you’re done raving about how much you love your spouse, you politely ask who they’re shopping for.  Their response changes everything as the new acquaintance explains the flowers are intended for a grave, the stranger is heading to the cemetery. 

The new tone of this conversation hits my heart with compassion and sympathy, but it also creates a small opening for Christ to shine through.  It would be typical for many of us to be at a loss for words at such a reality.  But for Carter Conlon, who tells of this encounter in the new Easter Special, The Risen Churchit resulted in a prayer meeting and a personal invitation to a Times Square Church service (never mentioning it was the pastor of that church extending the invite!)

May we, like Carter, watch for those moments when a simple conversation may result in a life-changing act of care and concern.  And may we do it for His glory, never desiring to exalt ourselves in any way.

After all … as the Risen Church, that’s our calling (Colossians 4:5-6).

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