By: Michelle Blood December 5, 2016

On an upcoming feature of “FamilyLife Blended,” Ron Deal asks the question

“What would you do if your fiancée told you she was pregnant and it wasn’t your child?” 

We know Ron has one particular man in mind when asking that question.  As you can imagine, Joseph was distraught and hurt and ready to walk away when he learned Mary, the woman he was betrothed to, was with child.  Ron goes on to say …

“After all, the responsibilities were not his. But then the Spirit of God let Joseph know that there was something bigger going on. Joseph chose love. This Christmas, as you remember our dear Savior’s birth let’s also remember and encourage the stepparents, foster parents, and adoptive parents who like Joseph didn’t have responsibility or obligation but they chose to love anyway.”

Are you airing “FamilyLife Blended”?  If not, we invite you to consider it—especially during this holiday season when stress is at an all-time high for stepfamilies.  To learn more about Ron Deal and airing “FamilyLife Blended,” visit our website or email me.  And if you’d like a comprehensive look at what else is airing on the short feature in December, go here.

As I reflect on Ron’s reminder to us all, I think of my own husband who became a stepdad to my 11 year-old son many years ago.  It wasn’t an easy task and we had many rough years, but he chose to love “our” son anyway (who turns 33 today).  God is good!

Merry Christmas!

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