By: Leah Handley November 26, 2018

If you read my last Christmas blog, you know that I’ve been very eager to celebrate Christmas.  My husband and I were assessing which holiday traditions we wanted to start … or avoid.  At first, we thought a Christmas tree was a tradition we’d do without.  But as it turns out, we compromised and put up what we call our “Charlie Brown tree.”  (And I should add … this went up the day after Halloween.)  It may sound a little early for most people, but Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!

It became somewhat of a joke at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year that I’ve been a little over-the-top enthusiastic about celebrating Jesus’ birth.  My parents are comparing my excitement to a certain Elf (also known as Buddy) who couldn’t wait for Santa to visit.

Like many of you, Christmas holds many fond memories in my heart.  And over Thanksgiving, the Holy Spirit reminded me how much more I could grow in my gratitude.  The consumeristic mindset of Christmas doesn’t leave room for much thankfulness.  And it certainly doesn’t hesitate to remind us of what we used to have, what others have, or how much better things could be if we only had _____ (fill in the blank).  If I let myself go to this mindset, I’d easily be drawn into a bah-humbug attitude this season.  Especially since not all of my Christmas memories are positive.

There was one Christmas … when I lost everything.  It was the Christmas that I actually told God to leave me alone and not to touch my life ever again.  It was the year when a child was born, but didn’t live to see the holiday.  No wallet could buy what I wanted that Christmas.  And when another family member announced her pregnancy on Christmas Eve, I lost all hope that God actually loved me or my lost child as much as He loved others.

But I’m here to tell you, God wants to reveal His true identity to you.  Learning who God is has changed my entire perspective on life and death.  There may be a past Christmas that haunts you every December, but God is willing and able to visit anyone who calls out to Him.  In Carter Conlon’s new 25:00 Christmas special, “Where’s Christmas?” Carter starts off with an interesting choice of scripture that reminds us that God is wanting to do a new thing in our lives (Isaiah 43)!

It’s a message of hope.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8), He does NOT change.  He will become a source of supply to you and will be hidden from those who are casual and not sincere in their seeking of God.  He will put a new song in your heart!

And when other’s ask where your joy comes from (1 Peter 3:15) … with a “Charlie Brown Christmas tree” in the corner of your eye, you will shout, “JESUS IS COMING!”


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