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For Easter

One Perfect Life: “Jesus of Nazareth” (25:00). ..a Palm Sunday Special with John MacArthur
Fully dramatized. . .the Scripture used “word-for-word” from the four Gospels-following Jesus through His final week before His death on the cross-is the powerful ministry of Jesus of Nazareth-including an invitation to accept Christ from host, John MacArthur.

One Perfect Life: “Jesus the Messiah” (25:00). . .an Easter Special with John MacArthur
Dramatized throughout in the words of Scripture, we follow those who were present with Jesus the Messiah in His death on the Cross, His burial and glorious Resurrection-with an invitation by host John MacArthur to make Jesus Lord and Savior.

Come to the Cross” (25:00)-an Easter Special with Max Lucado
In an inspiring and encouraging special from Max Lucado, he invites us to step closer and closer to the Cross of Christ-where we will experience more of His grace-more than we deserve.”

“A Resurrection Life” (26:00)-an Easter Special with Pastor Carter Conlon
In this Easter message, Carter Conlon, Pastor of Times Square Church, reminds every believer in Christ, that a Resurrection life is promised by Christ Himself. Jesus said: “I am the Resurrection and the life”. . .a life in which all things become new.

And in what may seem an unusual context, Carter Conlon uses as his text, the 23rd Psalm. And in that synopsis of David’s life, we can see our life under new leadership and new ownership.

Carter’s own testimony of accepting Christ just further amplifies this compelling message of a Resurrected life!

For National Day of Prayer

“Prayer That Can Move Mountains” (25:00) with Pastor Carter Conlon
Helping to mark this year’s National Day of Prayer event, Carter reminds us that an effective prayer life isn’t simply the “lay-me-down-to-sleep” kind– we need to practice the power of prayer that literally transforms lives.

Pastor Conlon speaks from experience. At age 24, suffering panic attacks that left him cowering in his room, he accepted Christ. And he believed God’s Word. Taking his Bible and opening it to the only verses he knew, he prayed and trusted God to take away his fear. God not only did that but He instilled a lifelong passion for prayer that is the hallmark of Times Square Church and Pastor Conlon’s ministry.

For Mothers Day

“Prayer That Moves Heaven” (26:00) with Anne Graham Lotz
What if, this Mother’s Day, every mother in America made a commitment to pray daily for her children? And what if every woman in America prayed in such a way that Heaven is moved and our nation is changed?

In this 2016 Mother’s Day special, Anne Graham Lotz is joined by her youngest daughter, Rachel-Ruth Wright as they together share the impact of God’s Word and prayer in the recent loss of Anne’s husband, Danny Lotz.

Both mom and daughter reflect on the enormous influence in prayer on their lives by Anne’s mother, Ruth Bell Graham, as well. Anne concludes by encouraging women to pray in such a way–as Daniel did–that Heaven is moved and our nation is changed!

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For Patriot's Day (9/11)

“Beyond 9/11: The Impact of Prayer” (28:00) with Pastor Carter Conlon
From the heart of Manhattan, hear the deeply moving story of the work of Times Square Church at a moment that remains one of the most significant in U.S. history. And be encouraged to hear how God uniquely prepared this body of believers to minister in a time of crisis.

Scriptural truths from Pastor Carter Conlon are woven throughout the special as a reminder that prayer is the key to being ready to respond—whether that’s at a time of national disaster, or whether that’s in giving an answer for faith in the workplace.

It’s a powerful and deeply moving remembrance of 9/11 … with the strongest of biblical foundations as the platform for impacting our culture then … and now.

For Christmas

“One Perfect Life: Christmas Edition” (2 specials/25:00 each or combined for one 50:00 special)

One Perfect Life by John MacArthur is the setting for the story of Jesus Christ in the very words of Scripture, blending all four Gospels in a harmonized life of Christ in two Christmas specials. Both fully dramatized narratives depict the persons characterized in the Gospel account. Each special is unique to itself and proclaims the Gospel message clearly through the birth and life of Christ.

Narrated and dramatized from the very words of Scripture and with descriptive commentary by John MacArthur we present:

“A Son is Given ” (25:00). . heralding the birth of John the Baptist and the astounding announcement from the angel Gabriel to Mary of the coming birth of Christ. It presents a picture of the precious time between Mary and Elizabeth, Mary’s Magnificat and Zacharias’ benediction, the worship and praise of the shepherds who journey to Bethlehem to proclaim the given Son. It is Christ coming to earth!

“Immanuel, God With Us” (25:00). . .transports us to Bethlehem just after the birth of Christ to those days of Herod’s decree that all children two years of age are to be killed, of Jesus as a young boy teaching in the temple, of His baptism by John the Baptist signaling the beginning of His earthly ministry—culminating in His last hours on the Cross, His death, burial and resurrection as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

“From the Manger to the Cross” (50:00). . .combines the two Christmas specials into one seamless dramatization of Christ’s coming to earth to His resurrection.

“No Room in the Inn” (26:00) with Carter Conlon
The special opens in ancient Bethlehem in a dramatic reading of the Scripture in Luke 2:1-14—proclaiming the challenge of the Bethlehem story—when an innkeeper decided there was “no room in the inn.”

There was a knock at the door, a plea for a place to birth a child. But someone would have to give up a bed, a place at the table, the cries of a newborn might disturb the sleep and suddenly it just became easier to say, “We’re sorry, there’s no room.”

You’ll hear a stirring testimony of a young woman who knocked on a door and there was room in the inn! And her life was forever changed.

Carter’s message is to alert the people of God of that knock on the door—that phone call, someone who needs food, a lonely person with no family. This Christmas there will be a knock at our door! The question is: Do we open the door? Do we make room in the inn?

“A Christmas Carol” (3-part special for 2-hour block/1 hr. 39 min.)
Charles Dickens was just 12 years old when he saw first-hand the devastating effects of child labor.  He never forgot those images.  In 1843 he wrote a pamphlet titled:  “An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man’s Child”  It became the story of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

How appropriate that Focus on the Family would bring to life this most famous story of the mean-spirited, miserly Scrooge who in one momentous night is confronted by his own lack of compassion-and given the opportunity to change not only his life, but the lives of a family!

The world has told the story many times—but none more to the point than in this Focus on the Family Radio Theater presentation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  Make this the first year of many to bring to your family, your children and grandchildren a message that defines the spirit of the season of Christ’s birth, of His loving compassion.

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Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Marathon (6 episodes/26:00 each)
Share the holidays with Whit, Connie, Eugene and the rest of the gang from Adventures in Odyssey!

In this special Adventures in Odyssey Christmas marathon, listeners will enjoy classic episodes like “Gifts for Madge and Guy,” “Peace on Earth” and “A Time for Christmas.”

“Christmas Through the Eyes of Isaiah” (54:00) with Charles Morris
The book of Isaiah is often referred to as the “fifth Gospel”—because of how clearly the prophet saw the coming of our Savior. Haven Today host Charles Morris invites listeners into a special time of Scripture reading and music in this one-hour Christmas program … through the eyes of Isaiah.

For New Year's Eve / New Year's Day

“Waiting for the Ball to Drop” (26:00) with Carter Conlon
Where will you be this New Year’s Eve? As the famous New Year’s Eve ball descends from the flagpole at One Times Square, over a million people will be in Times Square, with over a billion watching from around the world, waiting for the ball to drop—to say farewell to 2015 and celebrate hope for the year ahead.

And in the midst of all the revelers is Times Square Church—as Carter Conlon brings a message for the New Year—just a few thousand feet from where everyone will gather to look up at the ball on top of the tower—waiting for it to come down—hoping for a better day.

It’s from this unique vantage point that Carter brings a challenging message—a message to millions whose back is to the very altar of God—millions facing the altar of a secular society—waiting for the ball to drop—waiting and hoping!

Carter’s message is the message of this hour—from the Scripture in 1 Kings when the people of Bael (ironically pronounced Ball) are looking to the top of the mountain worshiping a false God when all they have to do is turn around and see the altar of God. His message and the testimony of a Broadway actor and a former modern-day Mafia member are words of truth you won’t soon forget!

Additional Specials

You’ll Get Through This – Max Lucado Series
In a series titled, “You’ll Get Through This” Max Lucado brings three specials to encourage each of us despite our circumstances:

“The Waiting Room” (24:55) with Max and his guest, Joni Eareckson Tada
We’re all in a waiting room of circumstances-of life events and with the story of Joseph as his theme, Max reminds us that what Satan intends for evil, God can redeem for good.

“Is God Good When Life Isn’t?” (24:55) with Max and guest, Greg Laurie
When God fails to meet our bottom-line expectations, we’re left spinning in a tornado of questions-questions addressed open and vulnerably in this most encouraging special.

“God’s Redeeming Story” (24:55) a Christmas special with Max Lucado
In this deeply comforting and understanding special with Max Lucado, we begin to see that “we will get through this”-whatever our “this” is-not because we are strong, but because He is strong.

The Daniel Plan – Pastor Rick Warren (24:55)

A special interview with Pastor Rick Warren . . . it’s about getting into shape and living healthier for the glory of God.

Wounded by God’s People – Anne Graham Lotz (25:00)

A special interview with Anne Graham Lotz . . . a reminder to embrace the future God has rather than grieving what we think the future should be.