By: Michelle Blood March 2, 2020

Helping our sons and daughters understand the real source of their identity–that’s one of the key conversations we need to be having with our children through their pre-teen and teen years.   Bob Lepine

Later this month on “FamilyLife Today,” youth culture commentator and author Vicki Courtney joins Bob Lepine and co-hosts Dave and Ann Wilson to talk about the on-going conversations parents need to be having with their children, some of which includes:

  • use of technology
  • comparisons (beauty redefined)
  • “snowflake generation”
  • chivalry

But that’s only the beginning.  Encourage your listeners to tune in to hear the Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter … with your Son, airing March 19-20 and March 26-27, respectively.  For more details on these broadcasts and others topics airing this month, please check out and download the Program Tool Kit here.

Were you at NRB last week?  If you were, you know what a whirlwind of activity it entails.  My hope is that it was as much of a productive and fun time for you as it was for me.  Here’s a brief glimpse of some of the fellowship we enjoyed with station partners last week.

FamilyLife with Station Partners

FamilyLife with Moody Radio

FamilyLife with Bott Radio Network







During our meetings, Bob Lepine shared what we can expect on-air from hosts Dave and Ann Wilson in the coming year, the ministry’s two-phase relocation to Orlando, and the exciting outreaches that continue for FamilyLife (Weekend to Remember and FamilyLife Blended).  If you’d like a summary of that conversation, email me and I’ll send you a copy.

Of course, if there’s anything more we can do to serve you and your listeners, please let us know.


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