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The purpose of this page is to assist Christian Radio partners as they respond to the effects of the Coronavirus within their communities.


Jim Daly Encouraging Messages (Listen Now)
Are We Witnessing an Awakening? (Max Lucado Message)
Jim Garlow (Well Versed Resources)

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AnGel Ministries

•  Is the Coronavirus a Sign of the End? (Blog)
•  Is There a Blessing in the Coronavirus? (Blog)

Core Christianity

Coronavirus Special Broadcast
•  Five Ways to Bless the Church During the Coronavirus (Article)
•  COVID-19: How Christians Should Respond? (Article)


  The Coronavirus: Responding to Fear with Wisdom and Faith (FamilyLife Broadcast)
•  4 Critical Convos For Your Marriage During COVID-19 Closures (Graphic)
•  5-Minute Devos & Critical Convos with Kids Home for COVID-19 Closures (Graphic)
•  #HomeIsntCanceled (Resource Page)
•  Taking to Your Kids About the Coronavirus (Article)

Focus on the Family 

•  Thoughts on the Coronavirus Outbreak (Blog)
Family Time Resources for the Coronavirus (Resources)
•  Keeping Your Kids Healthy Year Round (Article)
•  Talking with Kids About Coronavirus (Article)
•  What to Watch With Your Family While at Home (Plugged In Article)
•  Free 1-Month Trial of the Odyssey Adventure Club (Audio Membership)

Grace to You

  The Promise of Peace in a Worried World (John MacArthur’s Sunday Sermon 3/15/20)

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