Every year, the Super Bowl draws a huge audience – and advertisers big and small go head-to-head trying to capture the largest segment of that audience.

But a commercial spot comes at a steep price, and advertisers from start-ups to stalwarts felt the pressure in this year’s game.

Brad Mattes, President and speaker on “Life Issues® wants to keep the pressure on the backlash which the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) has received in response to their attack on the Doritos commercial.

NARAL took to Twitter Sunday night to express outrage after a Doritos commercial during Super Bowl 50 gave personality to an unborn baby who simply wanted some of his dad’s cheesy tortilla chips.

In a tweet following the Doritos commercial, NARAL argued that the advertisement used “anti-choice tactics of humanizing fetuses.”

Here’s Brad’s response to NARAL’s reaction to the commercial (which will be shared in a replacement “Life Issues®” 1:00 commentary):

“The Super Bowl gets tons of attention, in-part because it generates so much income in television ads.  And companies showcase their products with unique ads.  This year one of the top favorites was the Dorito ad with the father munching on his favorite snack during his pregnant wife’s ultrasound appointment.  Wherever dad moved the Dorito chip, his child on ultrasound reached for it.  But NARAL, a radical pro-abortion group hated the ad.  They attacked the commercial for “humanizing the fetus.”  In other words, they humanized the human.  I’m glad this happened because it showcases how out of touch pro-aborts are with science and medicine.  Plus there was a huge backlash. Pro-aborts want everyone kept in ignorance no matter what-whatever it takes to keep abortion on demand legal.”

As the radio outreach of the Life Issues® Institute marks its 25th year milestone this year, being a voice for the unborn continues to be a significant need in a world in which many turn their eyes away from the reality which is a human life in the woman’s womb.

Lee Ann Jackson

Ambassador Advertising.  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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