By: Peggy Campbell February 22, 2019

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Barry Meguiar (and if you attend NRB, you probably have because Barry has been an enthusiastic participant in NRB for several years), you know he has a singular passion … to encourage every believer that they have an assignment—to share Jesus with others.

Barry’s been giving that message every day on a daily 1:00 feature, as well as on PSAs aired on hundreds of stations across the country.  But his fervor being uncontainable, Barry is now sharing that same message in a different setting with Ignite Your Life TV.

It would be hard to find someone else with more experience at hosting a TV show—Barry spent 18 years anchoring the popular Car Crazy series.  Now it’s a far higher calling … hosting guests who are sharing their personal commitment to sharing their faith in everyday settings.

We talk about compelling content—this is it, to a “T” (sometimes that might be a Model T as the show harkens to Barry’s roots in the car industry).

Don’t miss meeting up with Barry again this NRB.  And, if you’d like to schedule an interview, we’d be delighted to help make that happen.  Contact and we’ll connect the dots.

Whether audio or visual … the mission is the same—igniting the faith of every Christian to share Jesus with others!


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