By: Michelle Blood July 9, 2018

Since we’ve been married, my husband and I have been traveling to Massachusetts to visit his family at least once a year (we’re actually here now).  We’ve always made an effort to schedule visits around celebrations–graduation, marriage, birthday, anniversary, and even the birth of a baby.  Some events, though, you just don’t plan for.

When we came four years ago to attend the wedding of my husband’s niece, as well as meet a newly-born great nephew, our week ended with a funeral for my brother-in-law’s son.  It was such a tragic loss for everyone (especially since it was the newborn’s father who died), one that has had a lasting impact on this entire family.

On “FamilyLife Today”, executive director of FamilyLife Blended, Ron Deal with his wife, Nan, talk with Dennis Rainey about their family loss and how it has impacted them since 2009.  The Deals candidly share what they’ve learned since the death of their 12 year-old son, Connor.

They discuss what’s helped them—as well as hurt them—and how they regained their footing, especially in their marriage.  Any parent, couple, or extended family member (including me) can benefit from hearing these poignant broadcasts.  Encourage listeners to tune in this week for “Connor’s Song”, airing July 18-20.

There are more good broadcasts ahead this month even for the college-minded household.  For more details, download July’s Program Tool Kit.

Thank you for all you do to bring help and hope to the families in your community.  If there’s ever anything we can do to undergird those efforts, let us know.


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