By: Michelle Blood March 8, 2017

“The most important battle being fought today is for the soul of America.”

Dennis Rainey wrote those words 20 years ago in his book One Home at Time.  It is as powerful a statement today as it was then.  Even more so.  And, it was the undertone of our private meetings with FamilyLife Today radio partners at NRB in Orlando last week.

Together with Bob Lepine and Ron Deal (Director of FamilyLife Blended), Dennis provided an update on the ministry that continues to take place through FamilyLife’s various resources—radio programs, video series, and marriage events.  We heard one story after another of God’s grace and goodness in taking one soul from self-destruction to redemption.  By the week’s end, I was emotionally exhausted as every story touched my heart (many of which will eventually air on “FamilyLife Today” in 2017—stay tuned!).

Then, what a privilege it was to end the convention week by witnessing Dennis (and Bob) accept, on behalf of “FamilyLife Today,” NRB’s Media Award for Radio Program of the Year, especially poignant as the ministry marks later this fall its 25th year of broadcasting!

But as Dennis said in our meetings, we’re still in a battle for souls and there’s still much ministry work to do!  FamilyLife recognizes they couldn’t do it without the help of all their radio partners, you included.  So with that, thank you for all you do on the front lines, day-in-and-day-out!

To God be the Glory!


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