By: Leah Guerrero May 7, 2018

Before my time at Ambassador, I had never worked in a setting where my co-workers were Christian.  Like many radio listeners, I worked in a secular setting.

I remember a time when I met with some fellow believers and shared about a co-worker who had a hard heart towards God.  My co-worker asked questions but never seemed to receive my answers open-heartedly.  My church friends reminded me that when we intercede for others in prayer, it’s like watering God’s seeds.  Sometimes we’re only part of someone’s life for a season.  This season could be a time of planting, a time of watering, or a time of harvest.  Ever since that exchange, I’ve worn Ecclesiastes 3:1 on my heart for those I share the Good News with …

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”

This is exactly what Samy Tanagho talks about when he encourages Christians to step out and engage with Muslim co-workers, neighbors, and friends.  Though we may not see a change taking place on the outside, God is at work on the inside.

Samy’s message reflects the importance of preparing our neighbors for a future season – “there’s no farmer that would scatter his precious seed on hard and unprepared soil.”  That’s why I’m so grateful for Glad News Ministry and the heart Samy has for equipping Christians to present the God’s Word in a relatable way to Muslims.

When I look back at my own season of planting, I pray that the soil of my co-worker’s heart will have been softened enough for someone else to come along and continue with a season of watering.  And maybe one day, God will let me see the fruit of His glorious work, when another will come alongside my former co-worker and reap the harvest.


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