By: Haley Jessup July 28, 2016

Every Tuesday night at 7pm (EST), members of Times Square Church in New York City gather for a worldwide prayer meeting.  People from over 160 countries join them through theirlive stream– and this week, I was one of those people!

Although I was tuning in from the opposite coast through my tiny laptop, the power and presence of the Spirit was all-encompassing.  Seats were full as the congregation cried out to God for their needs (many were specifically in need of jobs), and worshipped the ways in which He has, and will continue to, provide.

It’s that passion for prayer from Pastor Carter Conlon that’s also exemplified in his daily 1:00 feature, “It’s Time to Pray.” In a recent edition, Pastor Carter also makes mention of the ways in which God is providing. He shares two stories to showcase the ways in which God’s hand has touched the lives of those experiencing employment difficulties:

Here’s an example form Johannesburg, South Africa: “A few weeks ago, I submitted a prayer request concerning my husband’s job that had been eliminated. Last night, he got an awesome job offer. Praise God! Thank you for praying. God is good!”

And here’s another from Kendall Park, New Jersey: “After almost a year now of waiting, God answered our prayer. My husband has been offered a full time job at Rutgers today. Praise God, thank you so much for praying for us. Truly a miracle, glory to God!” We rejoice with you.

Whether it be trouble with employment, relational conflict, or any other hardship that gets thrown our way, Pastor Carter reminds me that-no matter what-God will provide.

In moments of discouragement or doubt, I can hold fast to the promise that wherever we are, He is there with us– and He never gives us a situation we can’t handle.

What’s happening through Times Square Church is exactly what’s happening daily when you air “It’s Time to Pray.”  Praising God for the ways in this movement of prayer is shared through valued station partners like you.

Grateful for Pastor Carter’s reminder that now, more than ever, it’s time to pray…and that we have a God that’s ready and available, just waiting to provide.

Haley Jessup
Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media. 



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