By: Michelle Blood August 6, 2018

Has my teen been exposed to pornography?

Certainly a question no parent wants to consider much less answer. But, when it’s reported that nearly 80% of teens have a cell phone and are spending an average of 9 hours a day on some media platform, it’s very likely they have been.

What can happen once my teen is exposed to sexual images?

That’s the topic of discussion next week on “FamilyLife Today,” when Jonathan Daughtery, founder of Be Broken Ministries, shares with Dennis Rainey his painful but redemptive journey which started at the age of 12.  Together they’ll provide listeners with the tools and resources to approach this subject biblically.

How do I talk to my teen about God’s view of sex?

Later this month, Juli Slattery, author and clinical psychologist, joins Dennis and Bob Lepine in helping parents start the conversation with their children about God’s design for sexuality—even if it’s awkward.

These upcoming broadcasts may not be suitable for a younger audience but they’re nonetheless important to hear.  Encourage your audience to tune in for Secrets, airing August 13-15 and Rethinking Sexuality, airing August 23-25.

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