By: Michelle Blood September 3, 2019

In a few short weeks, FamilyLife will launch another season of their Weekend to Remember getaways .  I’ve said over the years how much this conference has meant to my own marriage.  My husband and I attended our first one 9 months after we said “I do”–and many more since then.  Through the years it has provided us the help & hope when we’ve needed it most.

As I’ve served along side the ministry for the past 16 years, I’ve often encouraged many “newly” married couples to attend this marriage getaway because of what we learned early on.  But, what I realized this past weekend is that I failed to encourage marriages in crisis to attend one, too.

Recently, Bob Lepine said this in an email to constituents (highlight is mine):

Mary Ann and I have often wondered aloud where our marriage would be without the regular encouragement we’ve received as part of FamilyLife®–over the years.

As we often say at our Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways, the natural drift in any marriage is toward isolation.  It takes effort and intentionality to build oneness in marriage.

I love when I come across some practical wisdom that helps me re-calibrate my priorities with Mary Ann. Honestly, I need to be reminded regularly of ways I can actively love, honor and cherish my wife.  And I love when friends pass along something to me that they’ve found helpful in their marriage.

Maybe there are couples in your audience who right now need to be reminded there’s help & hope available.  Invite them to tune in daily for “FamilyLife Today” where they’ll hear practical and biblical guidelines for building oneness in their own marriage.

Then, direct them to Weekend to where they’ll discover what takes place at this 2-1/2 day conference including the topics discussed (communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness).  When they’re ready to register listeners can click to find a getaway near them.  By the way, for a limited time couples who register before midnight on September 23 will be able to register at half-price.

We all need to be reminded of God’s plan for our marriage and families … especially when we’re in the toughest of circumstances.  Don’t miss out like I have in being the catalyst to saving a marriage.  I’m convinced that reminding just one marriage can make the difference between restoration and divorce.

For more details on how you can provide help & hope to your audience, email me today and download the September Program Tool Kit for a look at what’s airing this month.

“It made us both see things in ourselves that we were doing to hurt each other that we wouldn’t have seen without this seminar. It has opened our eyes to bettering our marriage and life with Christ.”—Married 2 years


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