By: Leah Handley August 6, 2018

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that there’s typically one evening reserved for Formal Night.  If you didn’t know that … you’re not alone.

Last month my husband and I traveled to Mexico for our honeymoon aboard our very first cruise.  Somehow, we missed the “dress up memo” on Formal Night!  Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb.  While everyone on board was wearing penguin suits and sparkly dresses … my husband and I had not dressed to impress.  To be more specific, Eric was wearing a red Romans 8:28 t-shirt and bright blue swim trunks.

We had just scored amazing seats at the comedy show when Eric finally asked me if we should go back to the cabin and change.  Not wanting to lose our seats (but understanding our awkward predicament) I took a few moments to look at my husband’s Jesus/Vacay outfit …

“Honey, you’re glowing in the spiritual realm!”

With a sudden excitement, I reassured him that everyone may believe they’re wearing their best, but in God’s eyes, Eric must be the only man who dressed up!  That made him smile.

Looking back on that night, we wish we would’ve done more with the platform God presented.  Eric was literally a walking billboard for Christ.  Our story didn’t have to end there, but it did.

Every time I listen to Samy Tanagho’s 1:00 radio program, Glad News for Muslims, I think about the countless opportunities God orchestrates for His Good News to be shared–the opportunities I’ve missed and the ones that this program has opened my eyes to.  I’ve become more aware of situations I’m in.  Samy makes it a fun learning process.

I want to be GLOWING in the spiritual realm!  I want to stick out like a sore thumb!  But I also want to capitalize on the opportunities God gives me to advance His Kingdom.  In every circumstance, dress code, or culture circle, we can be the light if we ask God to let us see through His eyes.  LET’S GLOW TOGETHER!


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