By: Michelle Blood June 7, 2016

“We wanted our children to know their life was found in the person of Jesus Christ; and to be independently dependent upon Christ.” – Dennis Rainey

Isn’t that every Christian parent’s goal? That if we “train up” our children as Proverbs 22:6 says, then our efforts should result in having children entirely dependent upon Christ. I know that’s how I meant to parent my son. But like many other parents, instead of focusing on modeling God’s truth in the home and letting the Holy Spirit bring conviction, I often became distracted and (admittedly) obsessed with trying to “fix” my son’s bad behavior.

This month on FamilyLife Today, author and parenting coach, Brian Housman, joins Dennis Rainey to talk about this subject and help parents see beyond their children’s bad behavior and into their hearts.  This 3-day series, How You Always Meant to Parent airs 6/15-17.  Whether your listeners are parents of young children or adults having their own babies, this is must-listen to series. I can’t change my past parenting mistakes but I can certainly change how I grandparent going forward.

Here are a few other broadcasts airing this month designed to bring help and hope to families:

  • The Book of Man with Bill Bennett (airs 6/6-8)
  • Godly Character: The Essence of Manhood with Crawford Loritts (airs 6/9-10)
  • Sticky Faith for Stepfamilies with Kara Powell (airs 6/27-28)

Speaking of stepfamilies, did you know that 1/3 of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies?  With June being the most popular month for weddings, seems like a perfect time to consider adding “FamilyLife Blended” to your program schedule.  In each 60-second feature, Ron Deal speaks to the heart of every stepfamily member offering an encouraging word with a biblical perspective.  For details on how to add this feature and even get a version customized for your station, email me today.

Enjoy the days ahead and if there’s anything we can do to support your efforts in ministering to families in your communicty this summer, do let us know.


Michelle Blood
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.


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