By: Peggy Campbell April 22, 2019

When my husband died almost 15 years ago, one of the self-assumed assignments for me eventually was … cleaning the garage.

I knew Jon was an enthusiastic user of car products but wasn’t quite prepared for the “breadth and depth” of what I discovered!  Grateful that he was meticulous about cleaning our cars weekly, I had no idea what it really took to arrive at that “spit polished” status.

Exterior and interior, paint and glass, wheels and leather, carpet and plastic … products to keep it all “like new” lined the shelves—and all the right accessories to make that happen from towels (anyone need a couple dozen?) to buffing pads.  Even apparel to wear when accomplishing all this work.

And … almost every product had one name on it—Meguiar’s.

I’ve thought so often in the last five years how much Jon would have been tickled to meet the Meguiar of his vast array of car products.  And even more, to have the privilege of serving Barry and the Revival Outside the Walls ministry (including the 1:00 radio feature and PSAs for Ignite).

What I’ve learned in working with Barry is that his family’s longtime commitment to creating the very best in car care pales in comparison to his passion for moving people closer to Jesus every day.  Whether it’s an encouraging word to the mailman, or a serious impromptu dialog with a lonely traveler on an airplane.  Whether it’s inviting the waitress to share a prayer request as we pray over the meal … or simply reminding the dentist you prayed for him before he began drilling on your teeth 😊!  It’s all about always thinking about moving people closer to Christ than they were before.

I will confess that the car isn’t quite as clean as it used to be.  But now, every time I pull out the “Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner,” I’m reminded that there’s a far higher calling than the clean car.  And I’m on the hunt again to move someone closer to Jesus.  Thanks, Barry!


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