By: April 30, 2018

For the past month, we’ve been sharing with you the details about FamilyLife’s first feature film, Like Arrows.  This week only (Tuesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 3), the movie will be shown in over 800 theaters across the country!

When I previewed this film at NRB with several radio partners, I was overwhelmed by how much I could identify with the couple in this film (and I believe there were others in the room who felt the same way).  Their journey spoke to my heart as I recalled similar parenting challenges, along with the same longing to deepen my walk with the Lord.

On Tuesday, I’m looking forward to sharing this film with my husband when we attend a showing in our local theater.  Then on Thursday we’ll watch our grandson so my son and his wife can see the movie.  My hope and prayer is that together we walk away from this experience with a greater desire to be intentional in our walk with the Lord as well as in raising the precious young boy in our lives.

There’s still time to encourage your listeners to learn more about the film and get their own tickets.  Just simply direct them to  

As I mentioned in last month’s blog, this film is just the beginning to helping parents (and grandparents) aim their child’s heart toward God.  It actually serves as the launching pad for the ministry’s new resource: FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™!  In fact, following the movie in theaters this week, attendees will be provided information about the online course and small group series now available.  If you’re able to join FamilyLife in getting the word out to the families in the coming weeks, we have promotional tools ready for you at our Dropbox .  You can also email me directly for more details.

Coinciding with the many events happening this week, there’s great programming scheduled on FamilyLife Today, May 1-4.  To learn more and see the rest of the broadcasts airing in May, download the Program Tool Kit.

On behalf of FamilyLife, thank you for your on-going partnership in providing help and hope to the marriages and families in your community!




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