By: Selah Cosentino October 31, 2016

“Move every person, every day, closer to Jesus.”

That exhortation is a staple in every one of Barry Meguiar’s conversations.  It’s the commitment he’s lived for over 40 years, and the biblical mandate he encourages and equips fellow believers to embrace.

When you talk with Barry, you can’t help but get excited!  He has a unique ability to masterfully share about Christ’s influence and guidance in his life—from leading the successful car care company, Meguiar’s, to facing near-death health circumstances, to founding Revival Outside the Walls (ROTW).

Barry says, “God’s increased the awareness of who I am to increase my opportunities to share Him with others.  As a result, every day’s an adventure and I love it!”

If you’re an Ignite with Barry Meguiar station partner, your listeners hear the outgrowth of that conviction every day.  On a recent edition of the daily feature, Barry recounted a remarkable experience he had at a fast food restaurant.

He noticed an employee diligently cleaning the tables “like her life depended on it.”  When Barry complimented her work, her love for the Lord overwhelmed him.  He discovered she had lived out Colossians 3:23-24 for 21 years at that restaurant (and there’s more to the story—hear it all at!).

“No matter what our station in life, we have influence on everyone watching us—along with the opportunity and responsibility to lead them closer to God,” Barry continued.

Nearly two years ago, ROTW launched a mobile app to provide a portable “tool kit” for all Christians to share their faith and influence—no matter where they are.  Get all the details here, and invite your listeners to download from either Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Then, stay tuned for the newest project to ignite revival in America from Barry and the team—more information to come at NRB 2017!


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