By: Michelle Blood May 12, 2021

An Important Update

As a valued partner in the impact of FamilyLife Today, we want you to know of a very important change taking place on-air beginning in June.

Continuing the process of transition that actually began several years ago, longtime co-host of the daily broadcast, Bob Lepine, will step out of that role at the end of May.  Beginning in June, the daily interviews will be anchored exclusively by Dave & Ann Wilson who have been part of the program since March 2019.

For nearly 30 years (since inception of the program), Bob’s on-air talent, combined with his personal commitment to the Gospel and the mission of FamilyLife, have been instrumental in helping to create a long and significant impact for one of the premier programs in our industry.

Blending “radio-savvy” with a strong biblical outlook, and a natural interest in dialog with guests, Bob’s creativity has been heard not only on-air but in a variety of ministry projects including video series such as The Art of Marriage® and FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting®.

While Bob moves more fully now into his role as teaching pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Little Rock, his invaluable input will continue to be provided as advisor to the team producing FamilyLife Today.

FamilyLife President & CEO David Robbins shares:

“I’m so grateful for the faithfulness and ongoing legacy of Bob Lepine.  Not only has he been a wise friend and guide for me during my entry as FamilyLife President, Bob has poured his whole heart into the ministry of FamilyLife Today.  The broadcast wouldn’t have been possible without his experience, gifting, leadership, passion and creative vision.  And the future of FamilyLife Today is in secure hands because of his thorough shepherding and training. Through his sacrifice, humor, and spiritual depth, millions of families have been changed—as well as generations to come.”

With this last step in a process that began with the transition of FamilyLife co-founder, Dennis Rainey, Dave & Ann Wilson will continue the winsome interview format that has always been designed to help families pursue the relationships that matter most!

Their own authenticity and transparency in sharing the journey of a family has proven to be a winning combination on-air as well.  Their book Vertical Marriage has been followed by the recently released, No Perfect Parents—both further reflecting their passion for the Gospel as they grapple with family issues.

New Collateral

The FamilyLife Today visual identity is also being updated in June to align with a FamilyLife rebrand.  New logos, images, banners and other creative assets for the daily broadcast have been created.  We appreciate your help in making sure these changes are made at your website and on-air the first week of June.  Download the new FamilyLife Today tool kit here.

Celebrating Bob

It is good to celebrate such a long obedience in leading families to Christ!  If you’ve attended any NRB “Game Night” or just been around long enough to rub shoulders with Bob, we know you’ll want to send greetings and your warm wishes on this new chapter.  You can do that by sending an email to  And, if you have a question or comment about the upcoming transition, email me or call 949-681-7648.


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