By: Lee Ann Jackson August 8, 2016

One of the frequent questions we ask at Ambassador is, “What’s the take-away?”

We know the inherent value of listeners hearing a message on the radio and walking away from it with answers to questions like:

– Why is that important?

– How does that affect me?

– Now what?

In “Life issues” programming, Brad Mattes provides listeners with valuable take-away – here are three examples from recent programs:

Ben Watson on Planned Parenthood

“Professional athletes make a huge impact on young people.  In the case of Baltimore Ravens tight end, Ben Watson, he’s making the right impact.  Ben’s already known for speaking out on race relations, so when he lambasted Planned Parenthood for targeting blacks for abortion, it got lots of attention.  Ben’s right and we have the research to prove it.”

Academy of Pediatrics Rejects Abstinence

“Here’s important news for parents who take their kids to pediatricians.  The American Academy of Pediatrics outright rejects sexual abstinence until marriage and is advocating pediatricians initiate early sex education with young children.   Parents be on guard.  If your pediatrician wants to talk with your children privately, without your presence, say no.”

Olympic Medal Winning Mothers

“I don’t know about you, but in our home, the Summer Olympics are a big deal.  And I’m impressed by the moms who’ve said yes to life and then are going on to compete alongside the best athletes in the world. Kerry Walsh Jennings, who has three kids, may become beach volleyball’s most decorated Olympian in Rio.  Kerry was actually pregnant when she won gold in London.   Being a mom doesn’t have to mean life is limited.”

Partnering with radios stations nationwide,“Life Issues®” —timely programming with great take-away value for your listeners!

Lee Ann Jackson
Ambassador Advertising.  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

P.S. Brad often goes into the studio to record programming as news is breaking – if you aren’t a “Life Issues® station partner, now is a great time to add the feature to your line-up!


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