By: Haley Jessup June 23, 2016

With 9/11 happening in the heart of New York City, Pastor Carter Conlon has seen firsthand how fear can grip people, a city, and a nation.

Devastating tragedies like 9/11, and more recently, the Orlando shooting, stir up a fear that can filter the way we live, how we see the future, and, most significantly, how we view God.

Pastor Carter’s brand-new 25:00 special, “Living with Terror,” is an encouragement in the aftermath of the terrible happening in Florida.  As the deadliest shooting in US history, there’s no doubt that, amidst the heartbreak, terror can easily creep its way up to the surface and take our thoughts captive– but more importantly, rob us of our confidence in God.

Through this special, Pastor Carter reminds us that we have the power of God within us to make a difference, even when so many around us are living with fear. We are not called to have a spirit of fear, but one of faith…and the spiritual weapons that we have are far more powerful than any weapon a terrorist could get their hands on.

Pastor Carter invites us into the idea that:

“Perhaps, just perhaps, God has divinely appointed you to be where you are for a purpose that you have not yet seen.” – Pastor Carter Conlon

…and maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.

We have access to a power that others don’t have– a power that can cast out thoughts that have gone against the Word of God.  God is ready and available to us…all we have to do is reach out.

As we continue to process Orlando, may we dwell not in the hands of terror or fear, but in the shelter of the Most High.  May we lean into our almighty and all-powerful God, and allow Him to use us as catalysts for good during the darkest of times.

For clearance to air or more information, please contact or 949.681.7612.


It’s time to pray.


Haley Jessup

Ambassador: We Connect. Ministry and Media. 


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