By: Michelle Blood February 18, 2019

Over recent weeks, we’ve shared with FamilyLife station partners the news regarding the changes coming for FamilyLife Today.  As you already know, last year Dennis Rainey passed the baton to David Robbins, the new president and CEO of FamilyLife, with a promise to remain the host of the daily program through the transition.

That transition is here.  On Monday’s (2/18) “FamilyLife Today” broadcast, Dennis and Bob Lepine introduce Dave and Ann Wilson, their guests this week, as the new hosts who will join Bob on-air, starting March 4.

In anticipation of that inaugural broadcast, here are few important tips:

  1. Get acquainted with the Wilsons by reviewing the tool kit we created for you–which includes their bio, images, as well as other materials, including an interview with Bob Lepine.
  2. With March 4 as the official transition date, plan on updating your online images, banners, and bios by Friday, March 1, but no sooner.
  3. If you missed our February 6 email announcement, read it here.

Personally, this news is bittersweet as I’ve come to love and respect Dennis Rainey as a friend, leader, and teacher of raising a godly family.  He’s impacted my life for more than two decades.  I’m going to miss his voice and biblical insights on the broadcast.  But that said, I’m excited for this new chapter.  My husband and I have also benefited greatly from Dave and Ann Wilson’s wisdom and humor on navigating marriage.  Good days are ahead … not just for me, but for your listeners too!

Headed to NRB in March?  Dave and Ann will join Dennis, Bob, and the FLT team in Anaheim.  While we trust there’ll be plenty of opportunity for fellowship during NRB, be sure to attend FamilyLife’s annual Game Night which is Thursday, March 28, 9:00 p.m in Platinum I & II.  We believe the Wilson’s presence will make this a “don’t miss” Game Night for the books.

As always, thank you for your partnership in building godly marriages and families one home at a time!



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