By: Michelle Blood May 6, 2019

Over the next two months, our focus turns to the moms, dads, and grads in our life.  And there’s no one better than FamilyLife at providing great resources that bring help and hope into the lives of these special people.  Take a look at the various ways in which they’re doing that in the coming weeks.


  • Michelle Hill, host of FamilyLife This Week  provides us with “Just Plain Fun” when Ted Cunningham, mother-son duo Nelda and Tim Hawkins, and Dave Scott, share how they experience deeper family connections when they laugh together (airs May 11/12).
  • On FamilyLife Today, it’s the “Confessions of an Adoptive Parent” (airing May 13-14) when Mike Berry, husband and father of eight children, gives us an honest perspective at the challenging side of adoption while providing encouragement to those parents who have made the choice to adopt as he and his wife did.

More programming details can be found in May’s Program Tool Kit.


  • Check out FamilyLife’s Art of ParentingIt’s designed to help moms and dads find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments.
  • There’s nothing of greater significance than shaping the lives of the next generation.  So, here’s another resource for parents wanting to start a group study.  It’s the HomeBuilders Couples Series–Improving Your Parenting
  • And because mom and dad need some time to themselves, too, have them sign-up for the free Summer Date Pack.


This is just a sampling of what your audience can find at FamilyLife’s newly updated website.  I’d encourage you to peruse it when you have a moment.

It’s been nine weeks since Dave and Ann Wilson became the new hosts of FamilyLife Today.  We hope you’ve been tuning in regularly.  What are your thoughts so far?  If you have any feedback, we’d welcome that.  Email a note to me or Emmitt Fowler (at FamilyLife).

In the meantime, thank you for your partnership in building godly families that change the world … one home at a time.



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