By: Selah Cosentino March 6, 2018

… your foot from the gas pedal, that is!

You may have heard “pedal to the metal,” but “never lift” is another car guy term that takes it a step further.  Lifetime car guy Barry Meguiar talks about the idea of starting—and never stopping­—often.  And he’s a perfect example of living it out!

Next month, Barry marks four years on the radio with Ignite with Barry Meguiar, the one-minute daily feature designed for all Christians to truly ignite their faith-sharing efforts.  And he’s not lifting now!

Last week at NRB, Barry shared exciting ministry updates with station partners and ministry leaders through meetings, a special luncheon, and the NRB Media Leadership Dinner.  New projects include:

  • IgniteAmerica: Marking nearly one year since launch, now is the time to join this national initiative. See how to do so here.
  • Hot Topics: A feature of, this is the resource for every person to review what news stories are top of mind for the country and how to discuss them through a biblical lens each week.
  • Television: Barry and the Revival Outside the Walls team are working on a special TV show to showcase twenty-first century Christians living out their faith—and inspire viewers to do the same.

All of this comes down to the heart of Barry’s outlook on sharing your faith … moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.

Thank you for what you do to help your listeners “never lift!”



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