By: Leah Guerrero April 20, 2018

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel,” rings in my head every time I get that look from an unbeliever.  You know … that look of “it’s just not for me,” as if knowing Jesus was a hobby.

If you’ve ever tried to share the Good News with someone who doesn’t know Jesus, it’s possible they didn’t run to the nearest body of water to get baptized, and that can be discouraging in your evangelistic walk.  But not all love stories happen overnight.

Samy Tanagho has a winsome way of showing us how to turn to our Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and friends with love and understanding.  His message encourages listeners to come alongside their friends of a different faith and just be present.  He makes it sound so simple when he suggests smiling … or talking about food.  But in reality, it really is that simple.

We can expect God to do the heavy lifting when it comes to a hard or foreign heart.

In this brand-new 1:00 daily program, Glad News for Muslims (launching May 7th), Samy Tanagho will speak to Christians on how to step out and share the Good News with Muslims.

“Because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes,” may knowing Jesus really be for everyone.  Give your evangelistic walk another chapter of spreading God’s love.  It is easier than you think!

Contact to air Glad News for Muslims.


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