By: Selah Cosentino December 20, 2017

December always amazes me.  In our increasingly secular culture, December is the one time each year that you hear songs about Christ almost anywhere you go.  By nature, Christmas carols chronicle the beauty of Christ’s coming to earth and the power of salvation.

Barry Meguiar says, “December is the easiest time of the year to share your faith … Even the secular world will be filling the airwaves with sounds of Silent Night and Unto Us a Son is given.” (Full feature here.) 

3 ways to share your faith this Christmas

  1. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to a service
    Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or another service—it doesn’t matter! Studies have shown that 87% of people who are not in church have at least one close friend who is a Christian. Further, many people are willing to go to church—they’re just waiting to be invited!

  2. Make your Christmas cards Christ-centered
    Include Scriptures that tell the Christmas story in your gifts and greetings. Then have a conversation about them!

  3. Talk about your traditions
    What do you do to celebrate the season? Do you read through Isaiah or Luke?  Do you volunteer for the church Christmas play?  Talk to your friends about them—but don’t stop there.  Share why they matter to you as a Christian, and be sure to ask about your friends’ traditions, too!

Every day, we have the opportunity to move everyone we meet closer to Jesus.  Especially as we head into Christmas weekend, let’s ask ourselves, “Who can I share Christ with today?”

Listeners to Ignite with Barry Meguiar are used to considering that question regularly.  For daily evangelism encouragement, check out the daily one-minute feature!  Drop me a note at with questions or to sign up!


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