We’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s NRB Convention—an annual highlight for our team! We hope you’ll check out each of the “tabs” below for more information on how to connect while in Orlando—both with Ambassador and Amb-OS staff as well as speakers and crew from the ministries we serve. Let us know if you have any questions … we’re here in Irvine—and in Orlando in May—to serve!

Special Sessions

We’ve planned time for you to spend with the ministries we serve while at NRB.  Check the list below so you can add to your calendar—and be sure to let us know you’re coming so we can notify you of location.  (Room details are not yet assigned.)

  • Focus on the Family / John Fuller, Brian Krause, Rob Kirkpatrick | Tuesday 5/23 10 – 11:30AM; Wednesday 5/24 2 – 4PM
  • Core Christianity / Adriel Sanchez | Tuesday 5/23 10:30 – 12PM
  • Ron Hutchcraft Ministries / Ron Hutchcraft | Wednesday 5/24 10:30 – 12PM
  • Evangelism Explosion / John Sorensen | Wednesday 5/24 1:30 – 2:30PM

In addition to these opportunities, the following speakers will be attending NRB—let us know if we can plan a time to meet!

  • Brad Mattes / Life Issues Institute
  • Barry Meguiar / Revival Outside The Walls
  • Charles Morris / Haven Ministries
  • Jim Garlow / The Garlow Perspective

Also attending NRB are these ministry representatives:

  • Jay Flowers and team / Grace to You
  • Tom Mathis and team / Revive Our Hearts

Special AAA Session

We realize there are many who will be attending NRB to explore the possibility of beginning a media ministry—some hosted by station partners as well as coming on their own. For the first time, we wanted to offer an hour session to provide a “rapid-fire” introduction to Christian Media 101! Everything you’d want to know from production to distribution, from station partnerships to constituency development, from web effectiveness to social media. You’re invited to one of the two sessions below. Please RSVP to Marketing@ambaa.com!

  • “Five Keys to Creating Compelling Christian Radio” – Tuesday 5/23 2:00-2:50PM; Thursday 5/25 9:00-9:50AM 

Are you broadcasting live or recording interviews at NRB? We want to help you! The speakers below are available for interviews throughout the Convention. Send a note to marketing@ambaa.com to let us know who you’d like to interview!

  • John Fuller / Focus on the Family
  • Jim Garlow / The Garlow Perspective
  • Ron Hutchcraft / Ron Hutchcraft Ministries
  • Brad Mattes / Life Issues Institute
  • Barry Meguiar / Revival Outside the Walls
  • Charles Morris / HAVEN Ministries
  • Adriel Sanchez / Core Christianity
  • John Sorensen / Evangelism Explosion

The schedule for NRB is filled with outstanding opportunities for fellowship as well as learning. We would encourage you, particularly, to consider attending these sessions featuring speakers from the Ambassador family of ministries!


Congratulations to …

At this year’s convention, recognition will be given to those whose faithful efforts have impacted the work of Christian media.

This year that includes:

  • Steve Douglass (Cru)  … (posthumously) receiving the 2023 Hall of Fame Award.
  • Grace to You (John MacArthur)receiving the Milestone Award (completing 50 years of ministry).
  • Focus on the Familyreceiving the 2023 Best Digital Campaign Award for SeeLife 22 and the 2023 Best Digital Experience Award for the Adventures in Odyssey Club.

Special Thanks to …

The NRB Convention is made possible by so many who contribute time and talent … and treasure.

Special thanks to these for their supportive sponsorship:


Whatever You Need …

Check out the layout of the resort and, even more interesting, the dining options! To help you, we have gathered some information and a map of the Orlando World Center Marriott.

NRB Convention Website

NRB Convention Schedule 

NRB Exhibitor List and Floor Plan

Resort Information

Resort Map

Dining Options


Don’t Miss Visiting the Exhibit Hall …

During the Convention, these ministries will also have a booth for opportunity to dialog and learn more. Be sure to visit!

Representing Ambassador and Amb-OS at NRB …

These Ambassador team members are at the Convention to help you with anything you need.

Ben Bryggman
Peggy Campbell
Lee Ann Jackson
Charley Mefferd
Emma Mitchell
Jennifer Perez
Rebecca Richardson
Jim Sanders