Callie Briese

Callie Briese is the director of external affairs for Thrivent, a not-for-profit financial services organization that helps Christians be wise with money. She is also the host of “Be Wise and Thrive,” a daily short-form radio feature that encourages Christians on their journeys to be wise with money and helping them live content, confident and generous lives.

Callie is passionate about helping Christians make financial decisions that reflect their values. She notes “When it comes to money, it’s important to own your story, practice wise financial habits and give of yourself. Being wise with money means you see money as a tool to live out your faith, not a goal for your life. And when we encourage each other in community to think about money differently, we can really make a difference in the world.”

At Thrivent, Callie leads the organization’s public relations, social media, and reputation management functions. She also serves as executive editor of Thrivent Magazine. When she’s not at work, she and her husband, Ryan, stay busy at home with four little ones: Olive, Delia, Seth, and Abe. She and her family enjoy spending time together, whether that’s cheering on the kids at a sporting event or planning a trip to visit family. When she gets a few solitary moments, you’ll likely find her in a barn with horses.

Callie is originally from Montana and graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in psychology.

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