By: Leah Handley January 16, 2019

Along with many other Lauren Daigle fans, I was disappointed to hear in recent news that the well-known singer wouldn’t call herself a “Christian Artist” in a secular interview.  Frustrated and slightly annoyed, I brought it up to my closest friend.  Instead of joining me in my disappointment, he reminded me of the power of prayer.  Before I knew it I found myself on a first name basis with both Jesus and my sister-in-Christ, Lauren.

Sometimes we see decisions being made in our world that make us cringe, shake our heads, or turn the other cheek.  We often resort to judging because we believe we have no power in the situation or even think ourselves better, when the truth is … God’s not done yet.  After praying for Lauren, I found myself considering how hard it must be to be a worship leader, and what’s more a famous one.  Instead of joining the world in frustration, we need to be praying for it.

Is there something that’s happened in recent news, pop-culture, politics, or social media that made you sigh?  Carter Conlon shares a message that calls us to pray for our nation.  There is no conflict too large or too foreign for us to plead with our Heavenly Father.  Get on a first name basis with the issues you want to pray for.  Be specific.  And remember that God’s not finished!

Empower your listeners this year with this message from Carter called A Call to the Nation.  Contact me today to add Carter Conlon to your line-up in 2019.

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