By: Haley Jessup April 3, 2017

One of my favorite authors, Lysa Terkeurst, says:

“We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive.”

It’s so intriguing to me that we can know God is what we need, while our actions communicate the complete opposite. As Lysa would say … we overwhelm our schedules yet ache with an underwhelmed soul.

There’s so much knocking at our door in today’s society, wanting our allegiance, commitment, money, time, and energy. And when we give in to these pressures, it seems as though the lies of the world only continue to entrap and surround us—while our biblical values and relationship with Christ tend to be the first thing we sacrifice.

This National Day of Prayer (May 4th), it’s time that we come back to the Word of God and step into the promises that He has left for us. Through Pastor Carter Conlon’s brand-new 25:00 special, “Reclaiming Your Identity in Christ,” we’re encouraged to reclaim our identity and remember both what we’re called to do and whom we’re called to represent.

Pastor Carter reminds us that prayer is the secret to rediscovering who we are. It’s our weapon of warfare, our encourager, and our tool for knocking down any wall of Jericho that stands in the way of our purpose.

“Our prayers can literally move mountains; our prayers can touch areas of impossibility and make it possible again.” —Pastor Carter Conlon (Tweet this.)

We are called to bring honor to His name and to care about the testimony of God in this nation … and it all starts with bowing down before the throne.

If you haven’t signed up to air this special yet, drop me a note at or call (949)681-7612 today.


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