By: September 24, 2018

What would you do if you received the diagnosis of a brain tumor?

What would you do if you were only nine years old, with 13 months to live?

For Trinity Jameson in Orange County, California … her first question upon receiving the news was, “You mean I get to go to heaven?”


The young pastor’s daughter had spent her early childhood evangelizing—a passion that started at age five when she saw grimly-decorated homes one October.  She immediately began writing tracts that declared, “Jesus is my best friend, and He can be yours too,” and she and her family distributed the tracts to people who answered the door when she knocked on Halloween.  This “reverse trick-or-treating” became a special and beloved tradition in the Jameson household.

When cancer struck, Trinity didn’t lose her focus on eternal priorities.  She shared on her website:

“… I’m not even afraid to die because Jesus is my Lord and He has a wonderful kingdom called heaven, which He prepared for those who love Him and receive His gift of salvation.  I like to spend time praying for the other kids I meet in the hospital, that they can have the same hope that I do.”

And she created a tract to be passed out even after she entered Glory.  Last week at church, I learned about Trinity when a friend read the tract to me, and the legacy of this precious girl lives on.  It’s been six years since she passed, but may her life continue to compel each of us to lift our suffering to the Lord and redeem every opportunity to share the Good News.  Trinity’s tract reads:

“If you are reading this card, it means that I’m in heaven now.  I’m writing this card because I wanted one more chance to tell you how happy and excited I am to finally be going home!  I was nine years old when I found out that I had brain cancer. … I got sooo excited about finally seeing heaven and meeting Jesus that a great big smile came over my face.  I couldn’t help it.  Well could you? … I love you so much and hope to meet you in heaven one day!”

“What is your ministry?” is a question that Barry Meguiar asks regularly.  Outside of our jobs, outside of our families, and outside of our churches—where do we invest in others and share the Good News?  Trinity knew her ministry.

For some listeners, they’re still seeking their unique calling.  But even while they do, there’s always something to do meantime—move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.  With a small word of encouragement, a “God bless you” to the delivery person, or a prayer for the restaurant waiter … there’s no three-point sermon necessary to tell someone that God loves them.  Trinity’s story and Barry’s exhortation offers a fresh reminder to me of the weight of every conversation.

Then He said to His disciples,
“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;
therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest
to send out laborers into his harvest.”

– Matthew 9:37-38


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