By: Michelle Blood October 14, 2019

For the sake of our wives, we must once again assume our role as leaders who execute our God-given responsibility with humble hearts and loving service.  –Bob Lepine

I believe that would be the desire of every Christian woman–to have a husband who lovingly leads his family the way God designed.

My father was a leader in our home.  He often worked two jobs to provide for his family (in fact, all of his children possess a strong work ethic because of the example he set).  He participated in our education by giving us spelling tests on Saturday, encouraging us to read, and helping us with our homework.  And though we were disciplined (deservedly so), there was never any question of my father’s love for us.  But, a spiritual leader he was not.  Though he accepted Christ in his 70’s, I often wonder what our family would be like today if my father had been that type of leader too.

So how do we help today’s men achieve biblical leadership in the home?  In a recent FamilyLife article, Bob Lepine outlines three steps husbands can take:

  1. Start leading!
  2. Learn to judge in righteousness.
  3. Do some strategic planning.

Bob then challenges husbands to step up and prayerfully consider a plan that fulfills their role as a godly leader.  And to underscore step one, he also provides helpful suggestions on how to get started.  For one, visiting the great content archived at  Of course, you can help, too, by encouraging your listeners to tune in regularly to FamilyLife broadcasts.  In fact, here’s a sampling of guest experts on the programs this week talking about the role of a husband:

  • “Messy Families” with Ron Deal, airing on FamilyLife Today, October 17-18.
  • “Stress in Marriage” with Crawford and Karen Loritts, along with Emerson Eggerichs, and others on FamilyLife This Week, airing October 19/20.

Whether it’s through their radio broadcasts, the various resources at the ministry’s website, or through their marriage events, the ministry’s mission remains the same:

To effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

If this ministry and its resources were available when my father was raising his family, he might’ve been moved sooner to start leading his family by God’s standards and not the world’s.  That said, it’s never too late for his family, or your listeners, to start now.

Thank you for your on-going partnership as together we continue reaching more homes for God’s glory.

P.S.  If you haven’t yet downloaded the October Program Tool Kit, you’ll find it here.




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