By: Michelle Blood June 3, 2019

“At the end of the day, make sure you have been found guilty of having too much fun rather than too little.”  — Dennis Rainey

Summer doesn’t officially arrive until Friday, June 21, but it’s likely most of your audience is already gearing up for the days ahead—whether helping a high school grad prepare for college or coordinating activities for their grade-school kids.  Whatever the case may be, the staff at FamilyLife are ready to provide the help (and hope) your listeners may need to navigate the upcoming summer days.

In fact, here’s some of that help.  Coming up this week on “FamilyLife Today,” Dave and Ann Wilson, with Bob Lepine, talk to guest Shelby Abbott, college pastor on staff with Cru, about dating and what Scripture says about relationships with the opposite sex.  Later, Ben Stuart, pastor and former executive director for Breakaway Ministries at Texas A&M, explains what the dating culture looks like on today’s college campuses.  A must-listen week of broadcasts for parents and their college-bound seniors.  Encourage listeners to tune in and then be sure to share this FamilyLife article with them: The 7 Do’s & Don’ts for Parents of Graduates.  A great follow-up resource to what they’ll hear on-air.

Next week on the daily broadcast (6/10-12), two moms share ways on how parents can keep their cool during the frustrating moments of raising children.  This might be especially helpful to your listeners during the summer break when kids are home–all day.  Find out more and see what else is airing in June when you download the Program Tool Kit here.

For more help and hope available to you and your audience, check out, or follow them on any one of their social platforms–Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  Of course, if I can be of any assistance, you can always email me.

Now, here’s to having too much fun this summer!


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