Hannah BareMedia Strategist

Born and raised in sunny San Diego CA, Hannah Bare is a recent graduate of Biola University, receiving her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with an Emphasis in Ministry and Non-Profit. In fact, she actually “graduated” as well from serving as our Spring term intern at Ambassador to full-time employment once the post-graduation trip to Hawaii was completed!

Home-schooled until college, Hannah is a self-proclaimed life-long learner—which is a good outlook for her assignment to the Marketing team as a liaison (Media Strategist) between station partners and the ministries we serve, particularly focused on graphic support.

Now that she has no requisite academic reading and writing of research papers, Hannah is enjoying more time in community with others—whether that’s sharing a meal with family and friends, being involved in sign language ministries, or traveling around the world to experience new cultures (just don’t go too soon, Hannah!).

When we asked—she said:

Next time I get on a plane I hope it is to. . . Santorini Greece.

I could never resist. . . snacks, especially goldfish. It’s the ultimate comfort food!

Give me my choice at Barnes & Noble and I’m likely to buy. . . a home decorating book, probably the latest by Joanna Gaines.