Nate BedsonProducer

Joining the team in 2019, Nate serves dually in production as well as assisting with our technical operations.  And, by the way, wearing multiple hats is nothing new to Nate who returned to the States a year ago after serving in Ireland as a missionary engaged in both pastoral ministry as well as in education.  (His own schooling continues as he pursues additional theological study—which is ideal for some of the program production he is doing!)

Married to Abby, the couple have three children: Penny, Rowan and Saoirse (SEER-sha).  As you might presume by the names (and info above), the youngest two were born in Ireland (Waterford, to be specific) and bear Irish names meaning protector and freedom.

Nate notes that through a major spine surgery for Abby, raising three children, living and serving in Ireland then transitioning back to life in the States, one thing has remained clear to them. That God is good and faithful, always.

The Bedsons live in Costa Mesa and attend Calvary Chapel—along with other members of the family.  (Read more by looking up Tom Bedson’s bio!)

We cornered Nate to get this additional insight:

With a free afternoon . . . I love to spend time with my kids, or nap.

If I’m reading a book . . . it is usually interrupted by demands of “Daddy,  play with me please!”

And if you see a passport in my hand . . . it means I am heading to Bruges, Belgium, one of our favorite little towns for a get away.