Sparlin SypherdAccounting Manager

Whenever Sparlin Sypherd was asked as a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” his ready answer was, “Davy Crockett or an astronaut!”

He became neither, but his answer reflects his ongoing eclectic interests and enthusiastic spirit!

What he actually did was to major in music at Fullerton College in southern California, where he met his wife, Gwendolyn, his “sweetheart” of 38 years.

But early in their marriage, he decided his music career would be one of avocation rather than vocation.  He graduated with a degree in accounting in 1989 from National University in San Diego.

In the years that followed Sparlin gained extensive experience in the non-profit sector as a senior financial analyst and consultant in accounting system implementation.

As Sparlin reflects on several years that could have challenged his faith walk, he says, “Although the “sanctification process is painful, the redemption that comes as a result is more than worth the effort!”

Music continues to be a part of Sparlin’s life!  He plays keyboards in the worship band at Son Light Christian Center in Orange, where he and Gwendolyn attend.

And there’s never a dull moment in the Sypherd household as his daughter Kaylin Joy pursues certification as a veterinarian technician assistant and his son Tyler Christian charts a course in filmmaking.

When we asked:

My life verse is. . . Revelation 21:12.

Where I would like to travel next. . . without question–Australia!

What keeps me enthusiastic. . . The potential of the next generation!