By: Selah Cosentino April 23, 2018

When a new friend found out my birthday was this week, she immediately insisted I come to her home for dinner as part of the celebration.  She asked what my favorite meal and accompanying dessert was, prepared it, and even had some of my close friends to join us.

This is the way she approaches every birthday in her family.  As I reflected on the gracious generosity shown to me, her daughter—who’s become like a sister—told me, “You have no choice; you’re part of our family now.  And this is what we do.”

That profound sense of belonging—especially with my own family living in another state—touched my soul deeply.

And I couldn’t help think about the family of God.

Luke 15:10 says, “ … there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents” (NIV).

No matter how much I rejoiced on my birthday (which was a lot—between a spectacular luncheon with the women at Ambassador, the lovely dinner mentioned above, and calls, cards and texts from friends and family far and wide) … that’s nothing compared to the jubilee in heaven every time a person joins God’s family.

That’s why serving Barry Meguiar’s ministry, Revival Outside the Walls, for these past four years has been so special to me.  Between the 1:00 feature, Ignite with Barry Meguiar, the website resources at, and the video blogs he posts … every day, there’s something to encourage me to say to someone else, “You can be part of my family.”

The truth is—it’s not my family!  It’s God’s.  And in His kindness, He’s called every believer to join the fun of inviting others to the party.  New life in Christ—now that is the best birthday ever!


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