By: Haley Jessup February 20, 2017

In some ways, my husband, Brian, and I are crazy similar … and, in other ways, we’re totally opposite (If you’re married, I’m sure this sounds familiar :)).

There are times in which our differences can be fun and adventurous, and times in which they can be challenging. But there are also times in which they present opportunity for personal growth.

This past weekend, for example, I looked toward an upcoming event with fear, while Brian viewed it as an opportunity for victory.

Our conversation stopped me in my tracks and reminded me of a recent broadcast of “A Call to the Nation” in which Pastor Carter talks about the responsibility we have — even when we’re running low on strength.

He asks, “Do we stay in our smallness or do we get up in faith and walk through the open door into the victory of the Cross?”

It can be so easy to rest in our fear and in our weakness, making excuses for the ways in which we fail to step into what the Lord has to offer us.

Pastor Carter reminds us that Jesus has set before us an open door, and—with that—we are given a choice.

This wisdom, along with my husband’s, encourages me that—no matter what I am facing—the power of Christ is available to me. Fear and weakness is inevitable, but the strength and purpose of Christ is all-encompassing and everlasting.


Attending this year’s NRB? Pastor Carter will be there and would love to meet with you! We’re so excited about his new weekly program, “A Call to the Nation” and continued presence within Christian media. It’s not too late to schedule a meeting/interview … contact me for details!


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