By: Michelle Blood May 8, 2017

This past weekend, my husband and I were full-time grandparents while my son and daughter-in-law attended a friend’s wedding out-of-town.  Needless to say those three days with our grandson were full and busy.  “Exhausting” is another word that comes to mind :-).  I had forgotten how much stamina, patience, and creativity is required for playtime and mealtime.   I have a whole new appreciation for my daughter-in-law, especially as she’s managed to be a full-time college student (graduating in a few weeks) as well as a mom.

And though this “Nana” is a bit tired from a weekend of activity, God reminded me of two things.  One, savor every moment with your sweet grandson because time passes too quickly.  And two, continue to affirm and support his “mama” in her important role in his life.

With Mother’s Day coming up, FamilyLife Today® wants to provide your listeners with that same encouragement and support.  Joining Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine this week are several expert moms who want your audience to know:

  • The value of a being mom.
  • Learning the priority of fun is important too.
  • It’s okay to fail.
  • Time spent with their children matters.
  • The rewards of being a faithful mom.

Don’t miss telling your moms about this 2-day series (airing 5/11-12) when these experts share their thoughts on the value of A Mother’s Role.  You can see what else is airing this month on FamilyLife Today when you download May’s Program Tool Kit.

Also, something that will benefit all your listeners is this article from FamilyLife on 10 Ways to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day.  It’s written by Mary Larmoyeux, a staff writer and grandma.  A great and timely reminder that we all can be used by God to mentor and lift-up the moms in our life.


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