By: Selah Cosentino December 3, 2018

There truly is nothing like Christmas time.  You can’t beat the crisp air, twinkling lights, and family gatherings.

It’s one of my favorite times of year!  People just seem more connected during Christmas.  But, for the believer, that connection is far deeper than the shared shopping and party experiences.  We’re celebrating our Savior!

For our unbelieving friends, that extra level of connection of does not exist.  But, here’s the fun part!  This is when people are more disposed to a Gospel conversation than at any other time in the year!

Here are three ways to turn the conversation to Jesus during December:

  1. Write a verse in every Christmas card.
    There are so many wonderful Scriptures we can include in our Christmas cards or gifts.  If your listeners aren’t sure what passage to use, encourage them to Google “Christmas Scripture Verses” or check out!
  2. Talk about your traditions.
    When your friends ask you about what you like to do for Christmas, mention the Christmas Eve service at your church (and invite them to come with you), or the Christmas choir next Sunday or the prayers your family prays at dinner.
  3. Say “God bless you.”
    There was a UPS man who delivered packages multiple times a week to my house when I was a preteen. Every time I answered the door and retrieved the items from him, I said, “Thank you!  God bless you!”  After about a year, he walked into the doors of our church.  “There was a little girl who always said ‘God bless you’ at the house next door, so I figured God was trying to get my attention,” he told one of the greeters.  Every time I’m tempted to forego a “God bless you,” I remember him and the impact three words can have.

Regarding sharing our faith, Barry Meguiar says, “This is the fun part of being a Christian!”  Serving his ministry (Revival Outside the Walls) for the past four years has significantly molded my own approach to evangelism—and I couldn’t agree with him more!

If you’re not yet airing the daily 1:00 feature, Ignite with Barry Meguiar, please drop me a note.  Every day, Barry shares extremely practical ideas for “moving everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.”   This is the perfect month to add the program, as the focus is on sharing your faith at Christmas (especially highlighted on the December 17-25 features).

And, I’d love to hear your favorite evangelism tips in the comments below or email me at!


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